Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nine Patch addiction

I just love stitching these nine patches. I have 15 of them so far. I think they will grow into a quilt of sorts but at this stage I just enjoy the stitching. I might branch out into other colours but for the moment just working with the blues and tea dyed fabrics.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Magic Feather Project

Jude Hill has a fantastic project going on here. I have had a wonderful time stitching my feathered piece. It will be flying away to Jude on Monday.

I have called it "Feathered Rainbow Reflections". This has been stitched on a piece of parachute silk rescued in 1942. My stepfather lived on a farm next to an airfield in far northern Australia. A parachutist missed the airfield and came down in a tree on his farm. The parachute was salvaged from the tree and some of the silk was used to make underwear for the family during the wartime period. My mother hand dyed some of the silk many years ago and this is what I have used. She still has more of the original undyed silk which eventually (I hope) will be passed on to me.

A cloth with a very long history and who knows what it will become in the future. But for the present this small piece is flying (again) across the world to join in feathered unity.

Very worried feathers have got lost in flight to Jude, sent 3 weeks ago, hope they are just hovering somewhere and will eventually drift to their destination!

Hooray, finally arrived! (only took a month, talk about snail mail!)