Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sad stitches

Well I must apologize and explain my absence from my blog. My mother came for a 2 week visit in early september and has not been able to return home. I took her to my doctor with a chest cold and he diagnosed Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer). It has been a downward spiral ever since. Blood tests, pokes, prods, xrays, MRI's, CT Scans, chemotherapy, massive doses of pain killers......almost too much for an 81 year old woman to bear.

Unfortunately I fear she has had this disease for some time and I am very angry with her own GP for not picking it up sooner. You would think losing at least 20kg in weight last January, would have been an indicator. Not to mention the blood test results he overlooked. She was under a lot of stress at the time with her husband being diagnosed with dementia and providing 24hour care for him. Her GP put it down to that, no further investigation necessary, apparently!!

She has been in hospital for the last two weeks and has now been moved to a paliative care unit indefinitely. Life can be very cruel.

I have been stitching through this time, it helps sooth the soul and while away the hours in waiting rooms. I am attempting to make a large quilt for a very special person who shall not be named at the moment.

This blue and white linen cloth was rescued from an op shop and is the centre-piece and inspiration for the quilt. I have appliqued a woven heart to the centre.

Below is part of the design progress. It has changed some what since this pic was taken but you can get some idea of where I'm heading. The white backing is a queen size sheet which shows the scale of the project. I'll hopefully find some time soon to get some more detailed pics.