Saturday, June 12, 2010

A slow time

I have been remiss in not blogging for sometime. The house still feels very empty. I have been stitching to keep my mind of other things. The reef cloth has slowed for the moment but have some ideas for finishing it off very soon. I started on another cloth with no ideas of how it would turn out. Just started playing with some scap fabric and this is what has developed so far.

I might add a character (beast), maybe....

maybe a dog running across a patchwork field....

something will grow there.


  1. I am fascinated with how this will turn out. You have a great sense of colour and design Judy.

  2. Hi Judy, just love this reef cloth.

    So sad to hear about your beautiful dog. A patchwork of her running across the fields could be a healing cloth, and sounds like a good idea.

    You take care.


  3. Hey Mum,
    Its looking great, see you on Tuesday.

    Love you, Jess xoxo

  4. Dear Jude,
    Love your SUN,great colours.

  5. Judy what a fantastic piece, your sun is really great, and the colors so beautiful, love it.