Monday, May 31, 2010

Growing the reef

The reef cloth is slowly expanding and filling in. I've added another gorgonian fan (still not quite finished) and an orange starfish to balance the colour. I also kantha stitched the shell area at the bottom with a dark blue to take away some of the starkness in colour of the pale blue.


  1. That's coming along beautifully. The orange really brings out the blues very well.

  2. Thanks Kaye and also for the comment re "Twistie".

  3. Wow this is a fantastic piece, so much to look at, great colors, thanks for visiting my blog and for nice comment.

  4. It looks gorgeous Judy - will have to check back to see its progress!
    I too, felt sad to read about Twistie, lovely photo of her.
    Thanks for your comment on my work.