Sunday, May 23, 2010

Something fishy

An update on my slow cloth. I have finished stitching the gorgonian fan coral which is a piece of orange silk organza. The centre veins are couched sari threads and the background is 100's of meandering stitches in varying shades of orange dmc threads. I got to this point and my mind went blank. Sat and stared at it for ages wondering what to do with the open space above the fan. Funny how things just come to you like someone eventually turns the light on! I was playing around with various fabrics when these fish jumped out at me.

I am now working on expanding the edges. Having fun experimenting with cloth weaving from Jude Hill's blog ( ). Will post some more pics shortly.


  1. Thanks Jude, getting really inspired, specially with the next phase of cloth weaving. I just love the way the different cloths meld together to become one.