Monday, April 5, 2010

The beginning of my blog experience

Well I've finally made the effort to start my embroidery blog. After blog lurking for what seems forever I thought it was time to record some of my creations. I'm sure I'll make some mistakes along the way but that is all part of the learning experience of trying something new.

I love all types of embroidery and mixed media crafts. I'll start by loading some pics of various works I have completed over the years.

This was my first attemp at silk painting and although I made a few mistakes I was able to disguise them with thread.

The following series of photos are of an embroidered lap cushion I use when embroidering with my feet up on the couch! The reef scene continues around all sides of the cushion.

This is another silk painted creation.


  1. i love your underwater theme cushion ..just got here from stitchin fingers.....Loved your tea cosy it's FAB.......Lorna

  2. Judy, your underwater work is is easy to see you have a close knowledge of the corals and the fish..just LOVE your fish. The cobwebby coral is beautiful.