Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reef Slow Cloth

I've been quiet on the blogging scene for the last few days. I've had my mother visiting and also steadily growing my slow cloth peice. I love this idea of playing around with fabric and letting the fabric guide me to stitch.

The grey matter was starting work and the ideas were forming.

Then I started to stitch..... and while I stitched new ideas formed. The top section is still only pinned and the final peice may not look anything like this, who knows..... that is the joy in building my cloth.

I feel some more smallers patches coming for the vacant blue areas.

Close up of stitched areas so far...

Stay tuned for the next episode!


  1. Hi Judy...I've been looking at your blog and wow I am impressed!!! You do wonderful and outstanding work! I'm enjoying it so much!